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High Pressure Blower
Pneumatic Conveyor
Rotary & Diverter Valve

         Therec Corporation Ltd.  was founded in 1996 by a group of engineer who has the background in engineering, sale are contracting
          Inter the very beginning period we start with doing sale and marketing for some engineering product & system such as
        -  Dresser Roots/Roots Blower/USA./1996
        -  SSI/ Diffusser/USA/1997
        -  Invincible fan Industry/Central vacuum System / USA/in 1997
        -  EG & G Rotron  /Regenerative  Blower /USA /1997
        - The Young Industry Inc. / Pneumatic conveying system & Bulk   material   handling equipment /USA/1998
        -  DMN Westinghouse / Rotary & Diverter valve/Netherland /1998
        -  FPZ  /Ring ( Side channel)  Blower /Italy /2000
        -  Savio Clima /Multistage centrifugal Blower /Italy /2002
        -  Util Engineering / Roatary vane and Diaphram gas pump /UK/2003
        -  Flexaust / Flexible hose for pneumatic conveying system/USA/2004
        -  Morris Coupling /Pipe Coupling for pneumatic conveying system/USA2004
       By the help of our sister company Siam Complex Technology Co., Ltd. we have started to do local fabricated of our blower in the year 1998 and the first turn-key pneumatic conveying system ,which is 100% designed and made by us, was in the years 1999 for sugar handling, (Dutch mill Co.,Ltd)
By the reason that our sister company is the engineering contractor for food processing then mostly of our turn-key job also being in the food field.
        Our new office and work shop was founded in the year 2003 and with many improvements in every year, it allow us to start to do many more activities and some of these are becoming our major business today, beside the imported items, (which we are still developing our market continuously, year by year).
         Now a day nearly 50% of our business is coming from these local items

Pneumatic conveying system
       - Air  & Gas handling system
Bio gas handling system for electrical generator and steam boiler
Central vacuum cleaning system
 Rotary valve both our standard version  “ TRC” and the tailor made  unit according to the customer requirement.
 Diverter valve for product feeder and low pressure pneumatic conveying system
       - Acoustic (sound ) enclosures, both our roots type blower and also other customer requirement
Bag filter & Cyclone
Hopper & Silo
 Bulk bag loading and unloading station
 Fabricating job, especially stainless steel work (mostly for food industry)
         Along through the passed twelve years, we have thousands of reference jobs for blowers and valves and more than fifty references of the turn-key systems all over Thailand.
         For the next decade we are willing to do improve, both in quality & service, to make sure than we are the best as we can.
         These are all to serve the commitment of Therec Corporation Ltd. in giving the customer

                               “The Best Solution for High Pressure Blower Application”


Therec Corporation Ltd.

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